Meet Our Team 

Thompson Hill Energy Services is a Full Service Trucking Company.


Our Equipment consists of:

  • Tandem Tanker Trucks (38-42m3)

  • Tri-drive Tanker Trucks (38-42m3)

  • Tri-Quad Tanker Trucks (22m3/29m3 combo)

  • Tri-drive Body job (22m3)

  • Tandem & Tri-drive  Tractor w/flat deck

  • Winch /Bed Trucks

  • Pressure Trucks

  • Vac Trucks

  • Gravel/Drilling Cuttings Trucks


Our Vision.


Safety Guidelines 


Our safety program outlines guidelines for which standards must be met when the employees, subcontractors, and temporary help are working for Thompson Hill Energy Services. 


Our priority is the safety of our employees, the protections of the environment, and upkeep of company equipment. 


The management and foremen are prepared to work with all personnel and clientele in making our safety program a successful one in which all concerned will benefit. 


Company Safety Philosophy.


Safety Philosophy


  • The primary function of safety is the prevention of accidents and/or injury to any of our employees, subcontractors, and temporary help that is working for Thompson Hill Energy Services.

  • The protection of the environment and preventative maintenance of equipment is also a factor in the philosophy of safety.

  • Management has the responsibility of organizing and maintaining the safety program in terms of achieving the program goals in an objective and efficient manner.

  • Each employee, subcontractor, and temporary help is responsible for working safely with equal concern for fellow workers.

  • The success of our safety program is dependent upon the contribution towards safety awareness from each and every employee.